Esseciplast® comes from an intuition of the founder of Esseci Srl, a leading company operating since 1994 in the field of plastics industry, ranging from injection molding to designing machinery for their processing.  
The Know – how gained over the years, in 2008 led to the creation of a new product, the Pvc interlocking tile. This new system allows small and large areas to be paved in very short times, as the simplicity of laying without glue, reducing labor costs and avoiding drastically the disconforts connected to the renovation works. Firstly, high mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance of PVC, toghether with the possibility of laying without glue, brought to an immediate success in the industrial application of Esseciplast products.
After that, PVC technical performance brought to its diffusion also in residential and commercial environments, leading to an implementation of model and finishing  always wider and elegant, able to satisfy also the most careful and demanding customer.  
The increasing demand for this product, leads to the development of Esseciplast brand into an indipendent company, higlhy specialized and constantly focused on innovation. Since then, many companies have launched producing PVC interlocking tiles, and Esseciplast products still represent the major source of inspiration for all the manufacturers of PVC interlocking tiles.
In the future as in the past, Esseciplast aims not only to remain the leading company in market, but also the pioneer in the field of Pvc Flooring.